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Access Tools & Threat Tools

Use Access and Threat Tools to manage to:

Getting Here

Getting Here - SmartConsole > Security Policies > Access Control > Policy > Access Tools


SmartConsole > Security Policies > Threat Prevention > Policy > Threat Tools

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Layer Properties - Advanced

Layer - Permissions

VPN Communities

Setting up Site-to-Site VPN between Gateways

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VPN Communities - Encryption

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UserCheck - Message

UserCheck - settings

Updates - Access Policy

Updates - Threat Policy - IPS

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Installation History

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Schedule Update

Updating the Application and URL Filtering Database

Scheduled Update

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Pre R80 IPS Settings




UserCheck Custom Frequency

Threat Prevention Mail Configuration

File Types

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Threat Emulation - Emulation environment

Threat Emulation - Excluded Mail Addresses

Threat Emulation - Advanced

Threat Extraction - General

Malware DNS Trap

Links Inside Mail - URL Scanning

IPS Protections

Updates - Threat Prevention

IPS Update Summary

IPS Scheduled Update

Switch to Version

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Updating Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus, and Threat Emulation

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Whitelist Files

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Threat Indicators