Integration with VMware Workspace ONE UEM

Preparing UEM Platform for Integration

Workspace ONE UEMClosed Unified Endpoint Management. An architecture and approach that controls different types of devices such as computers, smartphones and IoT devices from a centralized command point. deploys Harmony Mobile Protect app on a device.


  • Harmony Mobile service integrates with Workspace ONE UEM through the existing API. To enable integration, you must first create a Workspace ONE UEM API account. You must enable Workspace ONE UEM version 7.0 or later with REST API access.

  • Harmony Mobile uses the API to synchronize the device records, to retrieve device apps list, and to report the device risk level to Workspace ONE UEM.

  • You must configure your UEM to collect the app list from the devices enrolled to Harmony Mobile. See Configuring Application Collection.

Workspace ONE UEM Console (Example)

General Workflow

  1. Create a Child Organization Group for the Check Point Harmony Mobile Protect app. See Creating a Child Organization Group for Harmony Mobile.

  2. Create API Account for the Check Point Harmony MobileProtect App. See Creating API Account for Integration with the Harmony Mobile.

  3. Configure application collection. See Configuring Application Collection.

  4. Adding Users to the Harmony Mobile Organization Group. See Adding Users to the Harmony Mobile Organization Group.

  5. Adding actions and policies to mitigate risk. See Configuring the Harmony Mobile Dashboard UEM Integration Settings.