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Managing Reports

In This Section:


Automatic Report Updates

Adding a Logo to Reports

Export and Import

Generating a Report

Scheduling a Report

Generating a Network Activity Report

A report has multiple views. Report can be customized, filtered, generated and scheduled.


Customize your reports according to these options:

Click Edit to switch to the report edit mode.

To customize widgets, see: Customizing Widgets

SmartConsole saves an administrator's customized reports. To share customized reports with other administrators, use the Export and Import options.

Report Settings

Reports can be configured according to these options:

Customizing a Report

  1. Select a report from the Catalog (new tab).
  2. Click Options > Edit.
  3. Select the page to edit.

    You can also add or remove pages by clicking one of these:

  4. Customize the widgets.
  5. Add a widget, or arrange widgets in the view: Drag & Drop or expand.
  6. Define filters.

Note -

See: Generating a Report

Automatic Report Updates

SmartEvent automatically downloads new predefined reports and updates to existing predefined reports. To use this feature, the SmartEvent client computer must be connected to the Internet.

Adding a Logo to Reports

You can configure reports to show your company logo on report cover pages. The Check Point logo shows on report cover pages.

To add a logo to your reports:

  1. Save your logo image as a PNG file with the name cover-company-logo.png.
  2. Copy the image to the $RTDIR/smartview/conf directory on the SmartEvent server.

Note: The best image dimensions are 152 pixels wide by 94 pixels high.

Export and Import

The Export option exports the view layout and widget definitions to a file. The file can be imported to another server, or imported by another administrator, using the Import option in the Catalog (new tab).

Generating a Report

  1. Open the Catalog (new tab) and select a report.
  2. Define the required timeframe and filter in the search bar.
  3. Click Options > Save As PDF.

Scheduling a Report

To schedule a report you need to define and edit it in the SmartEvent GUI client.

Note - Reports in the SmartEvent GUI client are different from reports in SmartConsole or the SmartView Web Application. To customize a report before scheduling, edit the report in the SmartEvent GUI client:

  1. Open the Report tab
  2. Select the report from the Report tree.
  3. Click Edit.

To schedule a report:

  1. Open SmartConsole > Logs & Monitor.
  2. Click the (+) to open a Catalog (new tab).
  3. Click the SmartEvent Settings & Policy link.
  4. In the SmartEvent GUI client, select Schedule.

    The Schedule and Email settings configuration window opens.

  5. Click Add, and select a schedule.
  6. Select Active for the schedules you want to activate.
  7. Optional: Click Email Settings.
  8. Select Send By Email, and configure email settings to get the schedule report automatically.

Generating a Network Activity Report

The Network Activity report shows important firewall connections. For example, top sources, destinations, and services. To create this report, SmartEvent must first index the firewall logs.

To enable the Network Activity Report:

  1. Open SmartConsole > Logs & Monitor.
  2. Click the (+) to open a Catalog (new tab).
  3. Click the SmartEvent Settings & Policy link.
  4. In the SmartEvent GUI client > Policy tab, select and expand Consolidated Sessions.
  5. Select Firewall Session.

    Note - this configuration increases the number of events per day by about five times. To avoid a performance impact, make sure the hardware can handle the load.

    To configure SmartEvent on a dedicated server, see the SmartEvent sizing guide.