You can select not to include specific findings that appear in the results of assessments, manually triggered compliance assessments, and Continuous Posture assessments.

With exclusions, you can control the finding and show only those applicable to you. After you create an exclusion, the findings that match the exclusion parameters do not appear in the calculation of the assessment result statistics. Not included findings are not sent as notification messages (by email, SNS, etc.) to external systems.

Some typical cases to make exclusions are:

  • Do not include findings from unrelated rules, for specific or for all environments. For example, when you use preconfigured CloudGuard rulesets, possibly, some rules do not apply to your environments you can create exclusions to adjust them.

  • Provide temporary correction for rules that require adjustments.

  • Stop generation of findings for specific entities.

Best Practice - Do not overuse exclusions. If it is necessary to have a large number of exclusions to control your assessment results, then perhaps make adjustments to your rulesets. As a result, the rulesets fit better the current state of your cloud environments.

In the Posture Management > Exclusions page, use the Filter and Search toolbar to select parameters to filter out from the exclusion table. Only exclusions that match the parameters show up in the exclusion table.

You can use these preconfigured filters: