Filter and Search

You can filter views in CloudGuard with the filter bar at the top of the page or view. You can search for a specific entity by name in the search bar.

Save filters for future use and share them with other users.


You can find the filter bar on the top of the CloudGuard pages.

To open the filter selection, click Add Filter and then select a filter object. A secondary list is shown with filter options for the selected object.

Select the specific filter options for the selected object.

In addition, you can change (or remove) a selected filter option. Open the list of options for a filter object and change or add to the selected options.

You can save a filter to use it again or make it available to other users.

  1. Select the filters in the filter block.

  2. Click Saved Filters.

    The window shows all existing public and private filters.

  3. In the Save Filter section, enter a name for the new filter.

  4. Select Public to share this filter with other CloudGuard users.

  5. Click Save.


The search area is at the top of the page, on the right of the filter area.

Enter text in the search field to search for a specific object from the list. The search is incremental, and search results are updated as you enter more text. The search text is not case-sensitive.

System Search (ALT-/ shortcut)

You can open a universal search window anywhere in CloudGuard, and search in it for an entity, alert, policy, or a different object, by name or other text. For example, you can search for an asset by its name or for alerts by severity.

Click ALT-/ anywhere in CloudGuard to open the search window.

Enter the search text and select the entities on which to apply it from a list.