VPC Flow Logs

You can see the traffic into and out of, and within, your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (AWSClosed Amazon® Web Services. Public cloud platform that offers global compute, storage, database, application and other cloud services. VPC) in CloudGuard. You can select traffic for any of your VPCs and then filter for specific flow items of interest. CloudGuard extracts this information from the cloud platform and enriches it with contextual information, such as source and target names, if they are labeled.

The displayed information can also be exported to a file.

VPC flows can also be seen from the Configuration Explorer (see Configuration Explorer).

Note - Configuration Explorer is available for AWS VPCs only.


  • Console view of all VPC network & flows on all cloud providers, all accounts, regions

  • View of flow within network context (in Configuration Explorer, for AWS only)

  • Variety of filter and search options to narrow the scope, look for specific flows of interest

Use Cases

Here are some typical use cases for viewing VPC Flow Logs: