Check Point SmartConsole

What's New In SmartConsole

What's New

May 2019
Management Feature Release
Advanced Threat Prevention Advanced Threat Prevention

Threat Extraction now proactively protects against threats contained in Web downloaded documents.

Support for custom CSV and STIX Cyber Intelligence Feeds import to the Security Gateway.

Support for FTP protocol inspection with Anti-Virus and SandBlast Threat Emulation.

New Log Cards Threat Prevention logs

Threat Prevention logs contain new fields for forensics.

Full Text Search SmartConsole Extensions

Add third-party tools as panels and views inside SmartConsole.

December 2018
R80.20.M2 - Management Feature Release
Management Feature Release
CloudGuard IaaS CloudGuard IaaS

Use vCenter Tags and
NSX Universal Security Groups
in your security policy.

Logs & Monitoring Logs & Monitoring

Exporting your logs to Splunk Enterprise Security is now simpler.

Check Point's Splunk Add-On contains new dashboards for Check Point logs and events.

Infinity Overview Threat Prevention Dashboard

New Consolidated threat prevention dashboard providing full threat visibility across Networks, Mobile and Endpoints.

Policy Analysis Tools Operational Efficiency

Add and remove an object from groups within the object editor.

September 2018
Cyber Attack Dashboard Cyber Attack Dashboard

Monitor advanced attack attempts with a new overview of threat events in SmartView.

Advanced Threat Prevention Advanced Threat Prevention

Configure malicious email policy with Threat Profiles in SmartConsole.

New overviews in SmartView for live mail queue monitoring.

New Log Cards New Log Cards

Search for an infected host or a malicious source and get relevant logs from mobile, endpoint and network security products.

Enhanced logs for Anti-Bot and SandBlast.

Schedule Install Policy Schedule Install Policy

Create presets for cross-domain
policy installations.

Run policy installation presets with a single click or schedule to run them automatically.

Flag IPS Protections Flag IPS Protections

Mark IPS Protections to follow-up on them later.

User Experience User Experience

SmartConsole has a new design.

Try the new keyboard-only navigation and the color inversion mode.

June 2018
R80.20.M1 - Management Feature Release
Management Feature Release
Multi Tasking Multi Tasking

One administrator can publish or discard several SmartConsole sessions, independently of the other sessions.

Threat Prevention Threat Prevention

Automate deployment of Indicators of Compromise (IOC) with a new API.

CloudGuard IaaS CloudGuard IaaS (vSEC)

User experience enhancements when monitoring and configuring policies for virtual environments.

New data center objects for: Google Cloud Platform, Cisco ISE and Nuage.

Web Log Viewer Web Log Viewer

Improved log viewer with cards, profiles, statistics and filters.

Log Exporter Log Exporter

Create a secure log exporting channel using just 1 line of configuration.

Many more features with R80.20.M1! More Features ...

Endpoint Security Server updates, SmartProvisioning, Compliance, GDPR,
Global VPN Communities, Rule-base performance improvements and more...

May 2017
Unified policy & logs Unified Policy & Logs

Security policy is enhanced to accept or block traffic according to application & data.

One log entry shows network, application and data information.

Policy Layers Policy Layers

Policies can be segmented into layers, allowing simplicity and delegation.

Unified Threat Policy Unified Threat Policy

IPS and the SandBlast family can be unified as one policy and installed separately from Access Control changes.

Faster Policy Enforcement Model Faster Policy Enforcement Model

The new rule matching algorithm, improvements in acceleration templates and new FQDN-based domain objects increase your gateways' performance.

Policy Analysis Tools Policy Analysis Tools

Packet-mode search, rule navigation shortcuts and a session pane for change history increase your operational efficiency.

Automation and Tooling Automation and Tooling

New Management API commands for show-changes, verify-policy and more.

Visit Check Point's Github account for open-source tools based on the R80.10 Management API.

March 2016
Concurrent Administrators Concurrent Administrators

Several administrators can work together using different sessions.

During a session, all modified objects are being locked.

Automation and API Automation and API

Objects and rules can be modified using CLI and web service API.

All management operations (e.g. policy installation) are supported.

SmartView SmartView

Unified threat management for correlated events based on the Check Point logs.

Customized overviews and reports to show real-time events. Drill-down from a chart to see the actual logs.

Integrated Monitor Views Integrated Monitor Views

Highlight a rule to view its logs.

All monitor views are integrated into the console.

Advanced Gateway Management Advanced Gateway Management

Detailed monitor view of all gateways in the system. Embedded commands of backup, scripts and more.

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency

Revert to previous policy, object tags, tabbed policy view, exporting to CSV files and more manageability enhancements.