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Welcome to Check Point’s Cyber Security Platform. R81 is the industry’s most advanced Threat Prevention and security management software that delivers uncompromising simplicity and consolidation across the enterprise. Whether it is deploying the latest technologies and security to protect the organization or expertly crafting security policiesClosed Collection of rules that control network traffic and enforce organization guidelines for data protection and access to resources with packet inspection., R81 new features include: Infinity Threat Prevention, the industry’s first autonomous Threat Prevention system that provides fast, self-driven policy creation and one-click security profiles keeping policies always up to date. Policies are installed in seconds, upgrades require only one click, and gateways can be simultaneously upgraded in minutes. R81 further features secure connectivity for encrypted traffic utilizing the latest standards including TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2. In addition, the Scalable Platform software is now aligned with the R81 Cyber Security Platform bringing feature parity to Check Point Maestro.

Infinity Threat Prevention

Infinity Threat Prevention is an innovative management model that:

  • Provides zero-maintenance protection from zero-day threats, and continuously and autonomously ensures that your protection is up-to-date with the latest cyber threats and prevention technologies.

  • Empowers administrators with out-of-the-box policy profiles based on business and IT security needs.

  • Streamlines the configuration and deployment of policy profiles across gateways.

  • Provides simple and powerful customization to best serve your organization’s needs.

Threat Prevention

Note - Administrators can still perform granular manual changes to override Check Point’s recommended policies and profiles.

Security Gateway and Gaia

Scalable Platforms are aligned with R81 General Availability and Jumbo HotfixClosed Software package installed on top of the current software version to fix a wrong or undesired behavior, and to add a new behavior. Accumulators to deliver the latest enhancements and bug fixes and supports most of the new features introduced in R81. See sk169954 for more information.

HTTPS Inspection
Access Control
Policy Installation
NAT Rule Base
  • Support for Domain objects, Updatable objects, Security Zones, Access Roles, and Data Center objects.

  • Hit Count in NAT rules.

Identity Awareness
  • Ability to configure multiple ciphers for external Gateways in a single VPN community. Use granular encryption methods between two specific VPN peers.

  • Support for SHA-512 encryption method.

Mobile Access
Remote Access VPN
Gaia OS
Advanced Routing
  • Enhancements for additional Dynamic Routing features:

    • OSPFv3 AH authentication for OSPFv3 protocol security.

    • IPv6 route aggregation - Reduces the number of prefixes advertised to neighbor routers to improve performance and scaling.

    • IPv4/IPv6 NAT-pool routes - Configure and redistribute NAT-pool routes to routing protocols.

    • Routing Information Protocol (RIP) route sync.

    • PIM restart capability.

    • BGP support for VxLAN interfaces.

    • Dynamic Routing support for GRE interfaces.

CloudGuard IaaS

CloudGuard Controller
CloudGuard Data Centers

Integration of CloudGuard IaaS for East-West deployments using VMware NSX-T.

Security Management

Central Deployment

A new MITRE ATT&CK view to investigate security issues according to the MITRE defense models, and extract immediate action items based on the mitigation flow.

Management Server Upgrade

Significant performance improvement in the upgrade process of Security Management Servers from R80.20 (and higher) to R81.

Logging and Monitoring

Endpoint Security