Supported Environments

Management Servers boot by default with 64-bit Gaia kernel after a clean install or upgrade to R81.

Note - If you revert from the R81 upgrade, the appliance will still boot with 64-bit kernel, even if it was originally 32-bit.

Refer to the Product Life Cycle page for more information and announcements about Check Point Appliances.

Management Server Appliances

Product and Supported Appliances

Check Point Product

Smart-1 225, 405, 410, 525, 625

Smart-1 3050, 3150, 5050, 5150

Security Management Server

Log Server

SmartEvent Server

Multi-Domain Security Management Server

Multi-Domain Log Server

Appliances and Supported Products



Management +

Log Server

Management +

Log Server +


Gen V Smart-1
(405, 410, 525, 625, 5050, 5150)

Smart-1 225, 3050, 3150

Standalone (Gateway + Management)

The model numbers in this table are for the series of appliances that support R81 Standalone

Appliance Series

Security Gateway

Standalone (Gateway + Management)


5000 excluding 5900



6500, 6800

6200B, 6200P, 6200T,

6600, 6400,6700, 6900




16000, 16000T





26000, 26000T

28000, 28600HS

Cloud setup, VMware

Using kernel mode only

(*) Standalone is only supported with appliances using HDD for storage (Standalone is NOT supported with appliances using SSD).

Appliance Support for User Space Firewall (USFW)

Security Gateways on these platforms run in the USFW mode by default:

  • 3600, 3600T, 3800, 6200B, 6200P, 6200T, 6400, 6600, 6700, 6900, 7000, 16000, 16000T, 16200, 16600HS, 23900, 26000, 26000T, 28000, and 28600HS appliances.

  • VMware Virtual Machine.

Note - All other Check Point appliances will boot in kernel mode by default.

Open Server / Cloud setup will boot in the USFW mode when using 40 CPU cores or more.

Threat Emulation Appliances

TE100X, TE250X, TE1000X ,and TE2000X are fully supported with R81.

Supported Virtualization Platforms

For the most up-to-date information about the supported Linux versions and virtualization platforms, see the Virtual Machines section of the Hardware Compatibility List.