Expert Mode

The default Gaia shell is called clish.

Gaia Clish is a restrictive shell (role-based administration controls the number of commands available in the shell).

While the use of Gaia Clish is encouraged for security reasons, Gaia Clish does not give access to low level system functions.

For low-level configuration, use the more permissive Expert mode shell. In addition, see sk144112.

  • To enter the Expert shell, run: expert

  • To exit from the Expert shell and return to Gaia Clish, run: exit

Note - If a command is supported in Gaia Clish, it is not possible to run it in Expert mode.

For example, you cannot run the ifconfig command in the Expert mode. Use the "set interface" command in Gaia Clish instead.


The Expert mode password protects the Expert shell against authorized access.

Use these commands to set the Expert password by plain text or MD5 salted hash.

Use the MD5 salted hash option when upgrading or restoring using backup scripts.


set expert-password

set expert-password hash <Hash String>

Important - You must run the "save config" command to set the new Expert mode password permanently.




hash <Hash String>

The password as an MD5 salted hash instead of plain text.

Use this option when you upgrade or restore using backup scripts.