VSX Cluster in the High Availability Mode

Important - This section does not apply to Scalable Platforms (Maestro and Chassis).


Virtual Switches in a High Availability VSX Cluster

In a VSX Cluster, Virtual Switches are also clustered for redundancy and are defined as Active/Active.

The physical interface connected to the Virtual SwitchClosed Virtual Device on a VSX Gateway or VSX Cluster Member that functions as a physical switch. Acronym: VSW. is monitored by means of the Cluster Control Protocol (CCP).

In the event of a failover, all Virtual Systems on the Standby VSX Cluster MemberClosed Security Gateway that is part of a cluster. become Active, and send Gratuitous ARP Requests from the warp interface between the Virtual SystemClosed Virtual Device on a VSX Gateway or VSX Cluster Member that implements the functionality of a Security Gateway. Acronym: VS. and the Virtual Switch.




Active VSX Cluster Member


Standby VSX Cluster Member


Virtual Switch Cluster


Active Virtual Switch


Virtual System 1

Physical Link

Warp LinkClosed Logical interface that is created automatically in a VSX topology between: (1) Virtual System and Virtual Switch (2) Virtual System and Virtual Router. Acronym: WRP.

In the above figure, a simplified VSX Cluster contains two VSX Cluster Members in the High Availability mode, one Active, and the other Standby.

The Virtual Switches within each VSX Cluster are Active/Active.

When the physical interface connected to either Virtual Switch fails to respond, a failover occurs.