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Configuration Using the Command Line

SecurePlatform enables easy configuration of your computer and networking setup, and the Check Point products installed on them.

This section describes the sysconfig application, which provides an interactive menu system for all configuration aspects. Configuration can also be done using command line utilities provided by the SecurePlatform Shell.

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First Time Setup Using the Command Line

Using sysconfig

Check Point Products Configuration

First Time Setup Using the Command Line

After the installation from the DVD has been completed, and the computer has been rebooted, a first time setup is required in order to:

  • Configure the network settings
  • Apply the license
  • Select which products will be installed
  • Perform the initial setup, if selected

These settings can also be configured after completing the first time setup, using sysconfig.

Using sysconfig

Once you have performed the first time setup, via the command line setup wizard, you can use sysconfig to modify your configuration.

To run sysconfig, login to SecurePlatform and enter sysconfig at the prompt.

The sysconfig main menu lists various configuration items, (note that all configuration items must be defined). We recommend step by step configuration, by addressing each menu item in sequence, one after the other.

Select a menu item by typing the relevant number and pressing Enter. Selecting a main menu option displays an additional menu for setting or viewing various configuration items. To return to the main menu, select the menu item Done. To quit, select Exit from the main menu.

When selecting a set option, sysconfig prompts you to enter all relevant configuration parameters. As soon as all the parameters are completed, the change is applied.

Note - Entering e at any point during sysconfig takes you one menu level up.

Sysconfig Configuration Options


Menu Item



Host Name

Set or show host name.


Domain Name

Set or show domain name.


Domain Name Servers

Add or remove domain name servers, or show configured domain name servers.


Time & Date

Set the time zone, date and local time, or show the date and time settings.


Network Connections

Add or remove connections, configure network connections, or show configuration of network connections.



Add network and route, add new host, set default gateway, delete route, or show routing configuration.


DHCP Server Configuration

Configure SecurePlatform DHCP Server.


DHCP Relay Configuration

Setup DHCP Relay.


Export Setup

Exports Check Point environment


Products Installation

Installs Check Point products.


Products Configuration

Configure Check Point products (cpconfig).


Enable / Disable hardware monitoring

Enable hardware sensors monitoring via SNMP (on supported Open Servers only)

Check Point Products Configuration

  • To configure installed Check Point products, run the cpconfig application from the SecurePlatform Shell. For more about configuring Check Point products, see the R76 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

    When you finish the Check Point products configuration procedure as part of the first time setup, you are asked to reboot your system. After reboot, your system is available for use.

Note - You must run the Check Point Products Configuration procedure (cpconfig) to activate the products.

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