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Logging in to SmartProvisioning

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Defining SmartProvisioning as a SmartConsole

Defining SmartProvisioning Administrators

Logging In

Defining SmartProvisioning as a SmartConsole

This section describes how to define the workstation on which the SmartProvisioning SmartConsole is installed, as a Check Point SmartConsole client.

To define the SmartProvisioning SmartConsole:

  1. On the Security Management Server, open the Check Point Configuration Tool (cpconfig); in a Multi-Domain Security Management environment, open the mdsconfig tool or the SmartDomain Manager.
  2. Select the GUI Clients tab.
  3. Identify the SmartProvisioning workstation by any one of the following:
    • IP address
    • Machine name
    • IP/Net mask: Range of IP addresses
    • IP address with wildcards: For example: 192.22.36.*
    • Any: Enable any machine to connect to the Domain Management Server as a client
    • Domain (Multi-Domain Security Management only): Enable any host in the domain to be a recognized GUI client

Defining SmartProvisioning Administrators

Login permissions to the SmartProvisioning Console are given to administrators, which are defined in SmartDashboard or in the Check Point Configuration Tool. In SmartDashboard, you can further define specific permissions of administrators. In particular, you can define an administrator's permissions for provisioning devices with SmartProvisioning.

To edit the Permissions Profile of an administrator of SmartProvisioning:

  1. Open SmartDashboard.
  2. Open the Administrator Properties window of a new or existing administrator.
  3. Click the New button that is next to the Permissions Profile field.
  4. Select Customized and click Edit.
  5. In the General tab, make sure that SmartLSM Security Gateways Database has Read/Write permissions.
  6. In the Provisioning tab, define SmartProvisioning permissions for this administrator.



    Read Only


    Manage Provisioning Profiles

    Add, edit, delete, assign provisioning profiles to gateways

    Assign existing provisioning profiles to gateways

    Provisioning features are unavailable

    Manage Device Settings

    Edit all gateway network settings

    View gateway network settings

    Gateway network settings are unavailable

    Run Scripts

    Add, edit, delete, and run scripts on gateways

    Run script commands are unavailable

  7. Click OK.

    The changes in permissions are applied the next time the administrator logs in.

Logging In

To log into SmartProvisioning SmartConsole:

  1. Start SmartProvisioning:
    • From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Check Point SmartConsole > SmartProvisioning.
    • From SmartDashboard, select Window > SmartProvisioning.
  2. Provide an Administrator user name and password, and click OK.
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