Introduction to the Infinity Portal

The Infinity Portal is Software-as-a-ServiceClosed A Check Point service offering that helps customers with deployments or technical services for Check Point products. (SaaSClosed Software as a Service (SaaS) - An application delivered over the Internet by a provider. The application doesn’t have to be purchased, installed, or run on users’ computers. SaaS providers were previously referred to as ASPs (application service providers).) cloud management platform that hosts Check Point's SaaS Services.

Use the Infinity Portal to:

  • Get access to SaaS services and edit your user profile settings.

  • Create a centralized dashboard and see threat and security events for each of the SaaS services.

  • See notifications about the SaaS protection activities on the portal.

  • Update and change the global settings.

  • Get access to online documentation.

This Administration Guide describes the host platform and the features that are the same for all the Infinity Portal services.

See Getting Started.

Available Services


Currently available Horizon services:






MDR/MPR is a team of expert Check Point SOC analysts that monitor and respond to security events in your cloud environments. The MDR/MPR team can monitor security events for Check Point third-party security products.



XDR/XPR identifies threats in the organization and prevents their expansion by leveraging all the products together. It enables rapid detection, investigation, and automated response with the use of big-data threat intelligence, multi-layered incident analysis, and machine learning. In addition, it gives enterprise-wide visibility into your network, cloud, email, endpoint, and mobile devices, all from a single pane of glass.



Provides complete event visibility across all Check Point products for efficient monitoring, search, and threat hunting. See the Horizon Events Administration Guide.


Infinity SOC

Enables cyber security teams to effectively and efficiently prevent, find, and manage all threats. See the Horizon SOC Administration Guide.


Infinity Next

A Gen VI Security Framework for the protection of modern digital blueprints.

Maps your inventory of assets and their attributes and allows Security Teams and DevOps to apply the applicable security practices:

  • Compliance

  • Access Control & Software Defined Perimeter

  • Threat Prevention

  • Web & API Protection

  • Data Protection

  • IoT Workload Protection

For product guides, on the web application browse to Support > Documentation.


Currently available Quantum Services:




Smart-1 Cloud

Smart-1 Cloud

Provides full management capabilities:

  • Policy management

  • Device management

  • Log analysis

  • Reporting

  • Log retention

See the Quantum Smart-1 Cloud Administration Guide.

Spark Management


Manage Quantum Spark SMB firewalls through custom templates (called Plans).

  • Immediate onboarding (it is not necessary to wait for domain request approval).

  • Advanced log views and filters.

  • Integrates with Horizon Events.

See Quantum Spark Management Application in Infinity Portal.

IoT Protect


Secures connected devices such as printers, IP phones, security cameras, and IP TVs. The service delivers IoT Asset Discovery, IoT Autonomous Policy Management, and IoT Threat Prevention.

See the Quantum IoT Protect Administration Guide.



Enables you to connect multiple branches with multiple links to a data center, the Internet, and the cloud. In addition, SD-WAN allows you to make the most of your bandwidth and optimize connectivity, while you increase WAN health visibility to respond faster to burnouts and failures.

See the Quantum SD-WAN Administration Guide.


Currently available CloudGuard Services:



Posture Management

  • Examine the compliance of your cloud environments.

  • Select built-in rulesets or create your compliance test rulesets.

Network Security

  • Visualize the security policies in your environments.

  • Protect and manage your cloud assets, such as Security Groups.

  • Control who gets access to cloud assets.

Workload Protection


  • Gain controlled entry to environments that CloudGuard protects with the IAM Safety feature.

  • Give visibility into cloud entitlements and Effective policy.

  • Identify and alert about inactive and misconfigured entities and anomalous behavior.

  • Automatically finds over-permissive policies based on actual use and recommends the right quantity of privileges.

ShiftLeftClosed The ShiftLeft tool scans source code, containers and serverless functions, looking for vulnerabilities including those associated with the Log4j tool. This tool alerts the security and DevOps teams if any vulnerabilities are detected in the pre-build phase, ensuring that vulnerable code is not deployed.

Integrate the ShiftLeft functionality into your CI/CD pipeline to find and prevent risk in cloud deployments:

  • Integrate to CircleCI

  • Integrate to GitLab

  • Integrate to Jenkins


Use Intelligence to hunt for and visualize threats and anomalous behavior in your environments by cloud log files.

Application Security

CloudGuard AppSec provides Web Application and API protection. With deep application contextual analysis, it eliminates the tradeoff between the level of security and the complexity of managing application security. For applications in a data center or a public/private cloud, CloudGuard's innovative, patent-pending decision engine covers OWASP Top 10 attacks, API attacks, and blocks automated attacks (Bots).

For more information, see the CloudGuard Administration Guide.


Currently available Harmony Services:





CloudGuard Connect

Secures your branch offices with enabled cloud-native, next-generation Threat Prevention that runs on top of your existing SD-WAN edge appliance or router.

See the Harmony Connect Administration Guide.


SandBlast Agent

Prevents, protects against, and quickly responds to advanced attacks on endpoint computers.

See the Harmony Endpoint Administration Guide.


SandBlast Mobile

Market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution that offers advanced malware detection for known and unknown mobile applications. Alerts on OS vulnerabilities, risky device configuration, and jailbreak/rooting detection.

Harmony Mobile offers a broad range of network security capabilities, through:

See the Harmony Mobile Administration Guide and Harmony Mobile Integration Guide.

Email & Collaboration

CloudGuard SaaS

Provides full protection against Malware and zero-day threats while preventing account breaches:

  • Zero-Day Threat Protection

  • Phishing Protection Identity

  • Prevent Account Takeover

  • Data Leakage Prevention

  • SaaS Shadow IT Discovery

  • Intuitive Cloud Management

See the Harmony Email & Collaboration Administration Guide.


SandBlast Web Dashboard

Harmony Browse defends users against web-based threats, delivering unrivaled protection against zero-day threats without impacting network performance.

See the Harmony Browse Administration Guide.

Check Point Labs

This section describes Cloud Services Early Availability. It is updated regularly.