Introduction to the Infinity Portal

Check Point's Infinity Portal is a comprehensive SaaSClosed Software as a Service (SaaS) - An application delivered over the Internet by a provider. The application doesn’t have to be purchased, installed, or run on users’ computers. SaaS providers were previously referred to as ASPs (application service providers). management solution that provides administrators with a centralized console to manage Check Point Infinity Portal services. With its range of capabilities, the Infinity Portal simplifies security management, improves visibility, and enhances security across the enterprise.

Use the Infinity Portal to manage services that include:

  • Centralized Security Management - Provides a centralized console for managing security policies across different services.

  • Easy Deployment - Allows administrators to quickly and easily deploy new security policies and configurations to all connected devices.

  • Real-Time Visibility - Provides real-time visibility into security incidents and alerts, allowing administrators to quickly respond to threats and prevent security breaches.

  • Analytics and Reporting - Provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor security performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • Simplified Compliance - Provides a range of compliance features that help organizations meet regulatory requirements and maintain security standards.

This Administration Guide describes the host platform and the features that are the same for all the services.

See Getting Started with the Infinity Portal.

The onboarding process is different for different Infinity Portal services. When you open an Infinity Portal service for which you do not have a license, one or more of these options is available:

Available Services




For more information, see the CloudGuard Administration Guide.


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