Generic SAML Server

To configure the SSO authentication with a generic SAML Identity Provider:

  1. Go to Global Settings > Identity & Access.

  2. Under SSO Authentication, click Set up single sign-on.

  3. The SSOClosed Single Sign-On (SSO) - A session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. Authentication wizard opens.

  4. Select Generic SAML Server.

  5. Provide a title to the integration you are creating, and click Next.

  6. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the configuration.

  7. Verify the ownership of your domain to make sure successful identification for all the users that belong to your organization:

    1. Copy the DNS record value.

    2. Enter the Value to your DNS server as a text record.

    3. Below Domain(s), enter one or more email domains that your company uses and click [+] after each one.

      Note - After three to five minutes the DNS record propagates and is resolved.

    4. When all domains show on the list, click Next.

  8. Review the details of the SSO configuration and click Submit.

    Important - Create a user group with the applicable roles and assign it to the related IdP group name or ID, which depends on the applicable identity provider, before you log out. For more information, see User Groups.