Introduction to Harmony Connect

Check Point Harmony Connect is a cloudClosed An administrator approved Harmony Connect cloud location that processes the internet and corporate traffic. security platform that provides secure access and prevents threats for:

  • Users, devices (desktop and mobile), and machines at branch offices

  • Remote users that can work from everywhere

  • Contractors and other company employees

All these go to:

  • Internet

  • SaaS applications

  • Corporate applications hosted on the cloud or at corporate data centers

Previously, companies used to backhaul all traffic to a traditional data center for secure internet access. Today, these companies can use Check Point Harmony Connect with its global network of security services, available everywhere. The company users and offices can connect directly to the cloud service near them and get a high level of security.

Harmony Connect is a full Software-as-a-Service solution, with no customer maintenance needed.

Harmony Connect is part of the Check Point Harmony product family, the world's first unified solution for securing users and access that contains:

  • Harmony Endpoint

  • Harmony Mobile

  • Harmony Email and Collaboration

  • Harmony Browse

This guide explains how to manage Check Point Harmony Connect with the Check Point Infinity Portal and also parts of it with Check Point On-Prem Management.

For more information, see the Infinity Portal Administration Guide.

You can also automate any change in the User Interface through API. For more information, refer to Check Point API Reference Guides (see

Browser Support (as part of the Infinity Portal):

  • Mozilla Firefox version 29 and higher

  • Google Chrome version 33 and higher

  • Apple Safari version 7.1 and higher

  • Opera version 20 and higher

  • Microsoft Edge version 79.0.309 and higher