Using the Settings

Use the Settings tab to learn how to use the Management APIs, reset the administrator's password, or migrate an on-premises Security Management Server to Smart-1 Cloud.


It is possible to read information and send commands to the Check Point Management Server. Like objects and Security Policies are created and deployed in SmartConsole, you can do these same tasks using APIs.

To change the desired log retention period:

Update the period you need to keep the logs. Logs are deleted after the defined period. If storage cannot meet the desire retention period, then a notification is sent your email.


Smart-1 Cloud allows administrators to import configurations from an on-premises Management Server to Smart-1 Cloud.

Migration to Smart-1 Cloud is supported for versions R80.20 and higher.

To migrate an on-premises Security Management Server to Smart-1 Cloud:

  1. On the Smart-1 Cloud home page, select Settings > Migrate.

  2. Download the migration tool. If you want to migrate an on-premises Security Management to the cloud, use the migration tools provided in the portal.

  3. On the on-premises Management, run export.

  4. Upload the export file to the portal.

    Important - The migration process might take a while. During the import process, you will not have access to the Smart-1 Cloud application.

    After the import is finished, an email is sent to you and the service will be unlocked.

  5. Once the migration had completed successful , in Smart-1 Cloud navigate to Connect Gateway.

  6. Click on the '+' , under use existing gateway choose the gateway you want to connect and follow the instructions.

  7. If both your Management Server and Gateway run version is R80.40 with Jumbo HF Take 89 or higher you do not need to reset SIC. Make sure to install policy before starting the export action.

    Gateways of lower versions need to reset the SIC on the gateway before initializing the communication from SmartConsole to the gateway (learn more how to reset SIC on the gateway sk65764).

Notes - Migration is only supported from the Security Management Server.