Smart-1 Cloud Overview

Security Management is a unified experience for all your Quantum Managements that manages your Smart-1 Cloud environment and all your Self-Hosted Management Servers in one place.

Smart-1 Cloud a best-in-class management solution is now available as a service. Check Point Security Management Architecture for the Cloud provides you with full management capabilities such as policy management, log analysis, reporting log retention, and Check Point's SmartConsole as a web console. With the Smart-1 Cloud application, you can manage your on-premises or CloudGuard Network Security Gateways from a single pane of glass.

Best Practice

Refer to sk166056 to see the up-to-date list of Smart-1 Cloud Release Updates.

Key Benefits

  • Always the Latest Security Management - Newest features automatically updated in a unified management platform.

  • Zero Maintenance - No need to monitor or for back up operations in your security management server.

  • On-demand Expansion - Seamlessly expand capacity with support of more gateways and storage.

Use Case

A typical Use Case is a company looking to increase operational efficiency and lower the complexity of their Security Management platform. With the Smart-1 Cloud application, companies can focus and invest more effort in managing their security.

Tasks such as maintenance efforts, keeping up to date with the latest software version and security updates, running backups, and health status checks all require quality effort and time. In addition, as companies expand, it is necessary to align the security solutions correctly, which may need new hardware and migration procedures. A transfer of these, and other, IT management tasks to Smart-1 Cloud application significantly improves a company's security management, and let you focus on what is really important - your business.

The deployment process of a new Management Service in Smart-1 Cloud takes about 1 minute. After the deployment is complete, you receive a new Management with the latest version - ready to connect gateways. An existing customer can select to migrate their on-premises environment to Smart-1 Cloud. After the migration, you can continue to work from the exact same point that you stopped working before the migration (your on-premises management). See Migrate.

Important - Migration to Smart-1 Cloud is only supported from Security Management Server version R81.10 and higher.

Supported Gateways and Versions


Appliance Models

Software Version

Quantum Spark Security Gateways



R80.10 and higher




R80.20.25 and higher

R80.20.25 and higher



R80.20.05 and higher


CloudGuard Edge

R80.20.05 and higher

Quantum Security Gateways











R80.10 and higher

CloudGuard Network

CloudGuard Network Security Gateway

R80.20 and higher


Auto Scaling solutions

  • Azure VMSS



Security Gateways

Open Servers

R80.10 and higher

Quantum Maestro

All Maestro supported appliances

R81.10 and R81.20

Note - Currently, Smart-1 Cloud does not support SecureXL in user space mode (UPPAK - User Space Performance Pack), which is enabled on Quantum LightSpeed appliances. We plan to add this support in a coming Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for the appliances.

In the meantime, to switch between SecureXL modes, refer to Performance Tuning R81.20 Administration Guide > SecureXL > Configuring SecureXL.

Roadmap - Support for Security Gateways in the VSX mode.