Smart-1 Cloud

Smart-1 Cloud a best-in-class management solution is now available as a service. Check Point Security Management Architecture for the Cloud provides you with full management capabilities such as policy management, log analysis, reporting log retention, and Check Point's SmartConsole as a web console. Using the Smart-1 Cloud application, you can manage your on-premises or CloudGuard IaaS gateways from a single pane of glass.

Key Benefits

  • On-demand Expansion - Seamlessly expand capacity supporting additional gateways and storage.

  • Always the Latest Security Management - Newest features automatically updated in a unified management platform.

  • Zero Maintenance - No need for monitoring or backing up operations in your security management system.

Use Case

A typical Use Case is a company looking to increase operational efficiency and lower the complexity of their Security Management platform. With the Smart-1 Cloud application, companies can focus and invest more effort in managing their security.

Tasks such as maintenance efforts, keeping up to date with the latest software version and security updates, running backups, and health status checks all require quality effort and time. Also, as companies expand, you need to align your security solutions correctly, which may need new hardware and migration processes. A transfer of these, and other, IT management tasks to Smart-1 Cloud application significantly improves a company's security management, and enables you to focus on what is really important - your business.

The deployment process of a new Management Service in Smart-1 Cloud takes about 1 minute. After the deployment is complete, you receive a new Management with the latest version - ready to connect gateways. An existing customer can choose to migrate their on-premises environment to Smart-1 Cloud. After the migration, you can continue to work from the exact same point that you stopped working before the migration (your on-premises management). See Migrate.

Supported Versions


  • R80.10 and above

  • 15XX series, R80.20.05 and above

  • 16XX/18XX series, R80.20.25 and above