URL Filtering

Endpoint URL Filtering controls access to websites by category, user, or group to prevent access to sites with inappropriate content.

From the Endpoint Security Main Page, click Anti-Bot and URL Filtering. The status is shown to the right of the feature name. "On" means URL Filtering is functioning correctly. Below the name are the Policy Details and Current Status.

Your administrator can allow, limit, or block user access, group access, or access from specified computers to individual websites or categories of websites:

  • If the website you attempt to access is permitted:

    The browser opens it automatically.

  • If you attempt to access a blocked site:

    A message shows in the browser that the site you are attempting to reach is blocked.

    Sometimes pop-up messages can show outside of the browser, for example, if a different application tries to access a blocked site.

    If a site is blocked, you cannot open it through a different browser or application.

Read the information on the browser page or pop-up message about the blocked site and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sometimes you can click OK to continue to a site. In this case, the site is allowed for some time.