Assessment History

You can see a list of run assessments, with summary details for each assessment. Go to Posture Management > Assessment History. You can filter the view by environment, rulesets, triggering event, and time, to show specific assessments of interest.

For each assessment, the list shows:

  • Date - Date the assessment run

  • Environment - Name of assessed environment

  • Result - Test score

  • Number of failed rules (critical and high severity) - How many rules with critical and high severity levels failed

  • Number of failed and excluded tests - How many tests failed or were not included.

  • Triggered by - Event that triggered the assessment. The source can be:

    • Manual - For assessments run from the Rulesets page

    • Policy - For assessments made in Continuous Posture

    • System - For assessments defined on the CloudGuard dashboard, run hourly

  • Assessment Profile - Applied ruleset

  • Assessment Identifier - By default, the environment name