The CloudGuard Dashboard provides summary and aggregates data from different CloudGuard data sources, such as Events, Protected Assets, Intelligence, and external integrations such as Tenable.io, Serverless, and KubernetesClosed Kubernetes, often abbreviated as “K8s”, orchestrates containerized applications to run on a cluster of hosts..

The dashboard shows widgets, which show specific CloudGuard statistics, such as alerts or assets. They can be graphical, showing, for example, the issuing of alerts by severity or account, or lists, showing, for example, the top protected asset types in an account.

You can create custom dashboards and set up the layout of widgets in them. You can customize the type of graphical display for widgets, such as pie charts, histograms, and gauges.

The Dashboards feature:

  • At-a-glance view of your cloud posture, assets, and alerts

  • Customizable layout and graphical widgets

  • Creating and sharing multiple, customized dashboards

  • Information display at the Organizational level

  • Click-thru interface to show more detail in applicable CloudGuard pages

Home Dashboard

A preconfigured default Dashboard is included in CloudGuard. This is the Home Dashboard shown as the CloudGuard home page. It shows a broad summary of your CloudGuard statistics. You cannot change the preconfigured dashboards.

Viewing and Configuring Dashboards