Getting Started
This section provides information to help you get started with managing your Check Point products, subscriptions, support and evaluations.

To get started, please follow the below steps:
1 User
Create a User - create your own unique user at the Check Point User Center.
1 Account
Create an Account - Create a User Center account for your company/division, for which your products will be added and activated. You can share this account with other users from your company. To create a new account, go to "ASSEST/INFO" > "ACCOUNTS & PRODUCTS" > "Accounts" and press the "Create Account button"
Join an Account - Join an existing User Center account, via the "Accounts" tab > "Join an Account" sub tab. Make sure to obtain the Administrator Email and the Account ID that you would like to join.
1 Products
License your Products - Generate a license for your products/evaluations, via the "ASSETS/INFO" > "ACCOUNTS & PRODUCTS" > "Product Center", select your product(s) and click "License".
For further assistance, please contact Account Services at or call +1-972-444-6600, Option 5.