Quantum IoT Embedded – Nano Agent

If you build embedded consumer and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the expanding threat landscape requires you to protect your customers from cyber attacks with out-of-the-box firmware security. From IP cameras and smart elevators, to routers, medical devices and industrial controllers, Quantum IoT Embedded – Nano Agent provides on-device runtime protection against zero-day cyber attacks – serving as the most powerful line of defense for your IoT devices.

This guide describes how to demo Check Point Quantum IoT Embedded – Nano Agent using a Docker :

  • The emulated IoT devices - CCTV (IP Cam) running Linux are hosted on this Docker.

  • The Docker holds a vulnerable IoT CCTV camera that can run without protection or under Check Point protection.

On this demo you will simulate various common attacks scenarios and present how the Quantum IoT Embedded – Nano Agent prevents these attacks.