Adding HA Gateways

To create a new non-HA gateway, see Adding HA Gateways.


With SMP, you can manage gateways that are part of a High Availability (HA) cluster as if they constitute a single "virtual" gateway, even though they are in fact two actual gateways. This way, you have one identical configuration for both gateways, and avoid the risk of a contradiction between the gateways' configurations.

Once these two gateways are part of an HA virtual gateway, they are "invisible" and inaccessible on the SMP portal. All actions, such as being added to VPN communities, is possible only with the HA virtual gateway.

The HA feature must be configured on both the appliances locally, and cannot be configured from the SMP.

To configure HA on appliances that are planned to be managed by SMP, the appliances must be defined on the SMP and connected to it (HA requires SIC configured on it, and the connection to SMP provides the SIC to the appliance).

To add a new HA gateway:

  1. Click Home > Gateways > New.

    The Create New Gateway window opens.

  2. Enter a Name or click Generate for a system generated name.

  3. For Type, select Small Office HA.

  4. To manage the gateway through a plan, select a Plan from the list. By default, the gateway inherits its default settings from this plan.

  5. To assign gateways to the HA, on creation:

    1. Enter a user name for Owner ID. Click Search to find an existing user or click New to create a new user.

    2. Enter the gateway name for Member 1 and Member 2. Click Search to find an existing gateway or click New to create a new gateway.

    3. Complete the wizard instructions.

    4. Click Finish.

  6. To assign gateways to the HA, on the HA status tab:

    1. Double click the gateway name. In the Gateway General tab, click HA Status.

    2. For each Member, click Add and select the gateway name, or enter the gateway name and click Save.

Note - Gateways assigned to an HA do not appear in the list of gateways on the Gateways tab.

To edit an HA:

When you configure the HA, you can only edit the HA object. The changes are applied to the gateways assigned to this HA.

To edit the gateway:

  1. Go to Home > Gateways.

  2. Click the gateway Name.

    The Edit page opens.

  3. Select a node to edit.

To delete an HA:

Note - You can only delete an HA gateway if there are no gateways assigned to it.

Click the HA gateway and click Delete.