Advanced Settings

The Device view > Advanced section > Advanced Settings page is for advanced administrators or Check Point Support.

You can configure values for multiple advanced settings for the various blades.

Important - Changing these advanced settings without fully understanding them can be harmful to the stability, security, and performance of this appliance. Continue only if you are certain that you understand the required changes. For further details regarding the attributes, consult with Check Point Support when necessary.

Note - Some attributes appear only in the Locally Managed mode.

Filtering the List of Attributes

  1. In the search field that shows Type to filter, enter the text.

    The table updates in real time.

  2. To cancel the filter, click X next to the search string.

Configuring the Attribute Values

  1. Left-click an attribute to select.

  2. Click Edit.

    The attribute window opens.

  3. Configure the settings, or click Restore Defaults to reset the attribute to the default settings.

  4. Click Apply

Restoring Default Values

  1. Above the table with attributes, click Restore Defaults.

    The Confirm window opens.

  2. Click Yes.

  3. All appliance attributes are reset to the default settings.


This section contains clarifications for specific attributes.

Attribute Name


Two-Factor Authentication - Enable selection of target where to send the passcode (SMS/email)

  1. Select or clear the checkbox:

  2. Click Apply

Note - This setting does not affect the selection screen in the WebUI on the VPN Remote Access Control page. The user must still configure to receive the passcode through email, SMS, or both options.

All attributes, whose name starts with "DSL globals"

When all the ADSL standards are turned off in the Advanced Settings, and you can only connect using the VDSL2 standard, the VPI, the VCI, and the encapsulation options still appear, even though they are not used to open an Internet connection.

Changes Between Versions

This section describes changes in attributes in different R81.10.X versions.

Attribute Name

Supported Versions

OS advanced settings - Default routes rank

R81.10.10 and Higher

Dr. Spark job

R81.10.08 and Higher

Fonic settings - Mode

R81.10.08 and Higher

OS advanced settings - Enable automatic WiFi channel change

R81.10.08 and higher

OS advanced settings - Enable GPS

R81.10.07 and higher

OS advanced settings - Enable Jumbo Frames

R81.10.07 and higher

USB Modem Watchdog - Enabled by Default

R81.10.05 and higher

Smart Accel Settings - Accel Trusted Https Domains Only

R81.10.05 and higher

Cluster - Synchronization

R81.10.05 and higher

Smart Accel Services - Security logs enabled

R81.10.05 and higher

Two-Factor Authentication - Enable selection of target where to send the passcode (SMS/email)

R81.10.05 and higher

OS advanced settings - IPv6 prefix selection Mode

R81.10.05 and higher

VPN Site to Site global settings - IKEV2 Key Type

R81.10.05 and higher

For more information on how to set up this connection, see the: