Configuring QoS


The QoS (bandwidth control) policy is a set of rules that lets you set bandwidth parameters that control the flow of traffic to and from your network. They make sure that important traffic is prioritized and your business has minimal disruption when there is network congestion.

QoS can be activated on Internet connections and requires at least one Internet connection is configured with the maximum download and/or upload speeds. You get the speed information from your ISP.

QoS policy rules apply separately on each configured Internet connection.


In Access Policy > QoS > Blade Control, make sure the QoS blade is turned on.


  1. In Device > Internet, select an Internet connection and click Edit.

  2. In the Advanced tab, edit the QoS Settings.

    These values are used as a 100% percent baseline when you calculate QoS weight. For more details, see Configuring Internet Connectivity.

  3. You can use these options: