Connecting the Cables

To connect the cables:

  1. Connect the power cable to the appliance. The appliance is connected directly to the power source. 1530 / 1550 appliances only: Turn on the power switch located on the back panel.

  2. When the appliance is turned on, the Power LED on the front panel lights up in red for a short period.

    The LED then turns blue and starts to blink. This shows a boot is in progress and firmware is being installed.

    When the LED turns a solid blue, the appliance is ready for login.

    Note – The LED is red if there is an alert or error.

    • If you use an external modem:

      Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the appliance back panel and plug it into your external modem or router's PC/LAN network port. The Internet LED on the appliance front panel lights up when the Ethernet is connected.

    • If you do not use an external modem:

      Connect the telephone cable to the DSL port on the appliance back panel and plug it into the DSL line socket. The DSL LED as well as the Internet Link LED remains off until you configure the appliance, including setting up the DSL as an internet connection.

  3. Connect the standard network cable to the LAN1 port on the appliance and to the network adapter on your PC.

Note - Wait 10 seconds between power cycles (off and on).