Check Point 1500 Appliance Series Overview

Check Point 1500 appliance series includes the 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 and 1570R appliances. These appliances support the Check Point Software Blade architecture and provide independent modular security building blocks. You can quickly enable and configure the Software Blades to meet your specific security needs.

Check Point 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 and 1570R appliances deliver integrated unified threat management to protect your organization from today's emerging threats. Based on proven Check Point security technologies such as Stateful Inspection, Application Intelligence, and SMART (Security Management Architecture), the appliances provides simplified deployment while delivering uncompromising levels of security.

These appliances run an embedded version of the Gaia operating system. The appliances include core configuration elements such as clish interface, SNMPv2/3 and routing stack implementations. In addition to the Gaia features, Embedded Gaia contains support for built-in network switches, wireless networks, 4G LTE Internet connectivity, multiple Internet connections (more than 2) in High Availability or Load Sharing mode, Policy Based Routing, and DDNS support. Quick deployment with USB is supported for all appliances, and with SD card and Dual SIM card for the 1570 / 1590 appliances. For more information, see the 1500 appliance series product page.

This guide describes all aspects that apply to the Check Point 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 and 1570R Appliances.

Note - Some topics only apply to specific appliances or models.



Appliance Homepage

1530 / 1550

V-80 Wired, V-80W WiFi


1570 / 1590

V-81 Wired, V-81W WiFi, V-81WL LTE-WiFi,



V-81R, V-81RWL


For front, side, and back panel details for each appliance, see the relevant Getting Started Guide.

Review these materials before doing the procedures in this guide:

See the SMB R80.20.05 home page.