Configuring a Desktop Firewall Policy

Before you begin, make sure that you enabled the Policy Server on the Security Gateway. See Configuring a Policy Server.

Desktop Security Policy

To create a Desktop Security Policy with Security Management:

  1. In SmartConsole, Security Policies, under Access Control, right-click Policy and select Edit Policy.

  2. In the Policy Types area, select Desktop Security.

  3. Click OK.

    Desktop shows in list under Access Control.

  4. Click Desktop and click Open Desktop Policy inSmartConsole.

    A SmartConsole window opens.

  5. In SmartConsole, open the Desktop tab.

  6. Configure the rules: Click in the Inbound Rules or Outbound Rules section and click an Add Rule icon to add a new rule.

    For each rule, you can include users for whom the rule applies.

    • In inbound rules, Desktop (Endpoint Security VPN) is the destination.

    • In outbound rules, Desktop is the source.

  7. Save the changes in SmartConsole.

  8. Close SmartConsole.

  9. In SmartConsole, click Install Policy.

  10. In the Install Policywindow:

    1. Select Desktop Security.

    2. Select the gateways that are configured to handle Endpoint Security VPN traffic.

    3. Click Install.