vsx fetch


vsx fetch [-v] [-q] [-s] local

vsx fetch [-v | -q | -s] [-f <Configuration File>]

vsx fetch [-v | -q] -C "NCS Command"

vsx fetch [-v | -q | -c | -n | -s] [<Management Server>]

Important - On Scalable Platforms (Maestro and Chassis), you must run the applicable commands in the Expert mode on the applicable Security Group.





Specifies that this is a VSXClosed Virtual System Extension. Check Point virtual networking solution, hosted on a computer or cluster with virtual abstractions of Check Point Security Gateways and other network devices. These Virtual Devices provide the same functionality as their physical counterparts. ClusterClosed Two or more Security Gateways that work together in a redundant configuration - High Availability, or Load Sharing..


Specifies not to apply the local.vsall, if VSX configuration, as fetched from Management Server, is up-to-date.


Specifies to run in quiet mode - shows only summary information.


Specifies to fetch concurrently for multi-processor environment.


Specifies to run in verbose mode - shows detailed information.


Reads the configuration file $FWDIR/state/local/VSX/local.vsall and executes the Network Configuration Script (NCS).

-f <Configuration File>

Fetches the specified configuration with NCS commands file instead of the default local.vsall file.

-C "NCS Command"

Executes the specified NCS command.

<Management Server>

Fetches the local.vsall from the specified Management Server (by resolvable hostname, or IP address), replaces and runs it.

Note - If you do not specify the Management Server explicitly, the command takes it from the $FWDIR/conf/masters file on the VSX Gateway.

Return Values

  • 0 (zero) indicates that the command executed successfully.

  • Any other value indicates an error.


[Expert@MyVsxGW:0]# vsx fetch
Fetching VSX Configuration From:
 Local VSX Configuration is Up-To-Date.
 Cleaning un-used Virtual Systems entries (local.vskeep).
 Purge operation succeeded.
 Fetching Virtual Systems configuration file (local.vsall).
SecureXL device has been enabled for vsid 1
SecureXL device has been enabled for vsid 2
SecureXL device has been enabled for vsid 3
Virtual Systems configuration file installed successfully