Use the mds_restore command to restore a Multi-Domain ServerClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to host virtual Security Management Servers called Domain Management Servers. Synonym: Multi-Domain Security Management Server. Acronym: MDS. / Multi-Domain Log ServerClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to store and process logs in a Multi-Domain Security Management environment. The Multi-Domain Log Server consists of Domain Log Servers that store and process logs from Security Gateways that are managed by the corresponding Domain Management Servers. Acronym: MDLS. that was backed up with the mds_backup command.

Important - You must restore on the server that runs same software version, from which you collected this backup.

Example: If you collected a backup on a server with version "XX" and Jumbo Hotfix AccumulatorClosed Collection of hotfixes combined into a single package. Acronyms: JHA, JHF, JHFA. Take "YY", then you must restore on a server with version "XX" and Jumbo HotfixClosed Software package installed on top of the current software version to fix a wrong or undesired behavior, and to add a new behavior. Accumulator Take "YY".

Best Practice - If the Multi-Domain Security Management environment has multiple Multi-Domain Servers, restore all Multi-Domain Servers at the same time.

Backing up and restoring in Management High Availability environment:

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To restore a Multi-Domain Server:

  1. Connect to the command line on the Multi-Domain Server.

  2. Log in to the Expert mode.

  3. Go to the directory where the backup file is located.

  4. Run:

    ./mds_restore <backup_file>

  5. If you restore on a Multi-Domain Server with a new IP address, configure the new IP address.