Log Exporter


Check Point Log Exporter is an easy and secure method to export Check Point logs over the syslog protocol from a Management ServerClosed Check Point Single-Domain Security Management Server or a Multi-Domain Security Management Server. / Log ServerClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to store and process logs..

You can configure the Log Exporter settings in SmartConsoleClosed Check Point GUI application used to manage a Check Point environment - configure Security Policies, configure devices, monitor products and events, install updates, and so on. or with CLI commands.

You can configure advanced settings in various configuration files.

Log Exporter supports:

Log Exporter is constantly updated. For the most up to date information about the supported versions and applications, see:

Note - The Check Point App for Splunk uses the Log Exporter to seamlessly send logs from your Check PointLog Server to your Splunk server. This enables you to collect and analyze millions of logs from all Check Point technologies and platforms. For more information, see the App for Splunk User Guide.