Snapshot Management in Gaia Clish - Scheduled Snapshots

Before you create a snapshot image, make sure the appliance or storage destination meets the prerequisites.


Manage system images (snapshots).

From R81, you can also configure scheduled system images (snapshots).


  • R81 supports only one scheduled snapshot task.

  • It is not possible to change any of the settings in the scheduled snapshot task.

    You must configure the task from scratch.

  • In Gaia Portal, you can only:

    • Enable or disable the snapshot schedule

    • View the scheduled snapshot configuration


Important - After you add, configure, or delete features, run the "save config" command to save the settings permanently.


If a scheduled snapshot task fails, there is no notification about it. You must manually check if a snapshot was created.

  • If a snapshot was not created, examine these files:


  • If a snapshot was created, but there were some issues, examine this file:

    /var/log/CPsnapshot/<Snapshot Name>_<Timestamp>