NetFlow Export


NetFlow is an industry standard for traffic monitoring. Cisco developed this network protocol to collect network traffic patterns and volume.

One host (the NetFlow Exporter) sends information about its network flows to a different host (the NetFlow Collector).

A network flow is a unidirectional stream of packets that contain the same set of characteristics.

You can configure Security Gateways and ClusterClosed Two or more Security Gateways that work together in a redundant configuration - High Availability, or Load Sharing. Members as an Exporter of NetFlow records for all the traffic that passes through.

Note - The state of the SecureXLClosed Check Point product on a Security Gateway that accelerates IPv4 and IPv6 traffic that passes through a Security Gateway. on a Security GatewayClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to inspect traffic and enforce Security Policies for connected network resources. is irrelevant for NetFlow export.

The NetFlow Collector is a different external server, and you configure it separately.

NetFlow Export configuration is a list of collectors, to which the service sends records:

You can configure a maxumum of three NetFlow Collectors. Gaia sends the NetFlow records go to all configured NetFlow Collectors. If you configure three NetFlow Collectors, Gaia sends each NetFlow record three times.

Regardless of which NetFlow export format you configure, Gaia exports values as set of fields.

Configuration Procedure

Important - In a Cluster, you must configure all the Cluster Members in the same way.

Available Commands in Gaia Clish