What's New


The Quantum Cyber Security Platform Titan Release R81.20 delivers significant innovations in Advanced Threat Prevention, Security Management, and Security Performance. In addition, Check Point has expanded on-premises and cloud network security through new and upcoming advanced cloud-based Check Point applications and services. By upgrading to R81.20, these new cloud-based applications offer powerful feature upgrades on Check Point Security Gateways, without requiring an upgrade to the next software release.

With R81.20, customers immediately benefit from a wide range of new security capabilities across four major categories:

Quantum IoT Protect

  • Discover IoT assets with Quantum Security Gateways.

  • Autonomous Zero Trust Profiles allow only the necessary device communication and prevent threats that target IoT assets.

Network Security Management

Performance Acceleration for Quantum Security Gateways

Quantum Security Gateway and Gaia

Threat Prevention

IoT Protection

Instantly discover and protect your IoT assets with Quantum Security Gateways and Infinity to enforce automated Zero Trust policies:

  • Discover IoT devices, routers, and switches connected to your network using your R81.20 Quantum Security Gateways.

  • Assign automatically generated restrictive policies to IoT devices based on their Internet access requirement to allow only what is needed for the IoT devices to operate.

Note - IoT General Availability is planned to be part of the R81.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.

Maestro Hyperscale


Access Control

  • Dynamic Policy - Use a Network Feed object to customize a private web server feed definition for IP addresses or domains. The objects are automatically updated in Security Gateway without the need to install a policy. Updatable Objects uses the Network Feed to strengthen the dynamic configuration ability of the Access Control policy. See the Administration Guide.

  • Performance improvements - Support for Updatable Objects, Domain objects, and Dynamic objects with the Optimized Drop feature (drop templates).

Advanced Routing

Gaia Operating System

  • Configure a retention policy for GaiaClosed Check Point security operating system that combines the strengths of both SecurePlatform and IPSO operating systems. scheduled backups and snapshots.

  • Configure Gaia scheduled jobs to run hourly or at specified minute intervals.

  • Configuring a logical next hop gateway in IPv6 static routes to send traffic through a specified interface.

  • Configure the minimum number of required interface links for a bonding group in the 802.3AD mode.

  • Use Gaia Clish commands to monitor NIC transceivers in appliance - module temperature, supply voltage, TX Bias voltage, Rx optical Power, and TX optical power.

  • Automatic update to the NIC firmware during the ISO installation process for appliances that have 40GbE, 100/25GbE, and 2-Port Dual-Width 10/25/40/100G QSFP28 Cards.


  • HyperFlow provides automatic system resource allocation by proper prioritization of tasks on highly utilized CPU cores and dynamically balances the tasks. Introducing seamless gateway tuning and optimization and improving single flow performance and spikes handling.

  • In User Space Firewall (USFW), the number of IPv6 CoreXL Firewall instances is no longer limited, IPv6 Firewall instances can be increased up to the number of IPv4 Firewall instances.

Mobile Access

  • OAuth 2.0 support for Capsule Workspace and Office 365.

Quantum Spark

Quantum Security Management

Cloud Services Integration


  • SmartConsole can use SAML 2.0 to authenticate administrators with an Identity Provider. See the Administration Guide.


  • Send policy and configuration changes for a review and approval cycle by another administrator before applying the changes. See the Administration Guide.


See the Administration Guide.

Management REST API

Management API support for:

See the Check Point Management API Reference.

CloudGuard Network Security

Harmony Endpoint

Endpoint Policy Management

  • Use Single Sign-On to connect to the Endpoint Web Management Console.

Harmony Endpoint Web UI

Remote Access VPN

  • Exclude SaaS applications (such as Office 365) from the Remote Access VPN tunnel.

  • Use SAML 2.0 to authenticate Remote Access VPN users with an Identity Provider.