Connection Awareness

Connection Awareness - Connection awareness controls how an endpoint enforces its Connected or Disconnected policy. By default, the client checks connectivity to the Endpoint Management ServerClosed Check Point Single-Domain Security Management Server or a Multi-Domain Security Management Server. to determine its connectivity state. Alternatively, the administrator can configure the client's connection status by checking its connectivity to a different network component, for example, a web server or a router, through ICMP packets or HTTP/HTTPS/IPv4 requests. If the client can connect to the network component, then its connection status is Connected. Otherwise, its connection status is Disconnected.

To configure the connection awareness setting:

  1. Go to the Policy > Client Settings > General > Connection Awareness.

    The Connection Awareness feature allows the administrator to choose between two options:

    1. Connected to management - The client's status is Connected if it is connected to the Endpoint Security Management Servers. This is the default mode.

    2. Connected to a list of specified targets - The client's status is Connected if it is connected to the specified target (network component) regardless of its connection to the Endpoint Security Management Servers.

      If you do not specify a disconnected policy for these addresses, the user is automatically considered connected.

  2. Click Save.