SmartView Monitor Features

SmartView Monitor allows administrators to easily configure and monitor different aspects of network activities. You can see graphical from an integrated, intuitive interface.

Defined views include the most frequently used traffic, counter, tunnel, Security GatewayClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to inspect traffic and enforce Security Policies for connected network resources., and remote user information. For example, Check Point System Counters collect information on the status and activities of Check Point products (for example, VPN or NAT). With custom or defined views, administrators can drill-down the status of a specified Security Gateway and/or a segment of traffic. That way, administrators identify top bandwidth hosts that can influence network performance. If suspicious activity is detected, administrators can immediately apply a Firewall ruleClosed Set of traffic parameters and other conditions in a Rule Base (Security Policy) that cause specified actions to be taken for a communication session. to the applicable Security Gateway to block that activity. These Firewall rules can be created dynamically through the graphical interface and be set to expire in a specified time period.

You can generate Real-time and historical graphical reports of monitored events. This provides a comprehensive view of Security Gateways, tunnels, remote users, network, security, and performance over time.

The monitoring views show real-time and historical graphical views of:

In SmartView Monitor, you can create customized monitoring view.

SmartView Monitor Use Cases

Use SmartView Monitor to:

  • Create a Traffic view and reportClosed Summary of network activity and Security Policy enforcement that is generated by Check Point products, such as SmartEvent. to identify the reasons for slow internet access. The view can be based on an inspection of: Specific Services, Firewall rules or Network Objects, that can be known to impede the flow of internet traffic. If the SmartView Monitor Traffic view indicates that users aggressively use such Services or Network Objects (for example, Peer to Peer application or HTTP), the cause of the slow internet access is determined. If aggressive use is not the cause, the network administrator have to look at other avenues. For instance, performance degradation can be the result of memory overload.

  • Create a report to determine why employees who work away from the office cannot connect to the network. The view can be based on CPU Use %, to collect information about the status, activities hardware and software use of Check Point products in real-time. The SmartView Monitor Counter view can indicate that there are more failures than successes. Perhaps the company cannot accommodate the number of employees that try to log on at the same time?