Backing Up and Restoring the System

Important - You can restore a backup file on GaiaClosed Check Point security operating system that combines the strengths of both SecurePlatform and IPSO operating systems. OS with the same software version, Jumbo Hotfix AccumulatorClosed Collection of hotfixes combined into a single package. Acronyms: JHA, JHF, JHFA., and hotfixes as installed on the source Gaia OS, on which you collected this backup file.

Backing Up and Restoring the System in Gaia Portal

Backing Up the System in Gaia Clish


Important - After you add, configure, or delete features, run the "save config" command to save the settings permanently.


  • Gaia Clish does not support the change of backup file names. You can change a backup file name in the Expert mode. Make sure not to use special characters.

  • Gaia OS backup on Quantum Maestro Orchestrators does not contain the Maestro configuration files (for example, sgdb.json).

    To back up the Quantum Maestro Orchestrator configuration, use this Gaia Clish command on the Quantum Maestro Orchestrator:

    set maestro export <options>

    For a use case, see sk174202.

Restoring the System in Gaia Clish


Note - To restore the Gaia OS configuration quickly after a system failure or migration, use the Gaia Clish "configuration" feature (see Working with System Configuration in Gaia Clish).