Advanced Gaia Configuration

Configuring the Gaia Portal Web Server


You can configure the server responsible for the Gaia PortalClosed Web interface for the Check Point Gaia operating system..

Resetting the Expert Mode Password on a Security Gateway

Follow sk106490 if you forget your Expert mode password for a Security GatewayClosed Dedicated Check Point server that runs Check Point software to inspect traffic and enforce Security Policies for connected network resources., Cluster MemberClosed Security Gateway that is part of a cluster., or Scalable Platform Security Group.

Configuring Supported SSH Ciphers and MACs


You can configure different settings for the SSH daemon on the Gaia Operating System.

You can configure these SSH settings in Gaia ClishClosed The name of the default command line shell in Check Point Gaia operating system. This is a restricted shell (role-based administration controls the number of commands available in the shell)..