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Override Categorization for URL

What can I do here?

Use this window to manage the list of URLs for which you have overridden their initial categorization.

Getting Here

Getting Here - Object Explorer > New > Custom Application/Site > Override Categorization


Overriding Categorization

When the category data in the Application and URL Filtering Database for a URL is not applicable for your organization, use the override categorization option to update the category and risk definitions of a URL.

This definition overrides the information in the Application and URL Filtering Database and the responses received from the Check Point Online Web Service. The Rule Base will use the newly specified categorization when matching rules with URLs.

Overriding Categorization for a URL

To override categorization for a URL:

  1. From the Objects tab of SmartConsole, select New > More > Custom Application/Site > Override Categorization.

    The Override Categorization for URL window opens.

  2. Enter a URL in the field. You do not need to include the prefix http:\\.
  3. If the URL contains a regular expression, select URL is defined as a Regular Expression.
  4. Select a Primary Category from the list.
  5. Select a Risk from the list.
  6. To add additional categories, click Add .
  7. Select the categories and click OK.

    The selected categories are shown in the Additional Categories list.

  8. Click OK.