Central Deployment of Hotfixes

Central Deployment allows performing batch deployment of Jumbo Hotfix Accumulators and Hotfixes using SmartConsole.

You can deploy a Recommended Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator or a specific Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take.

You can find the name of the specific Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator in the relevant SK article for the applicable version.


  • You can select up to 30 Security Gateways and ClusterXL Cluster Members.

  • Up to 10 targets can be deployed concurrently.


This table shows the Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator takes which are required to install the recommended Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.

Version Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator
R80.30 Take 76 or higher.
R80.20 A Take higher than Take 118.
R80.10 A Take higher than 245.

To use the Install Hotfix from SmartConsole options:

  • The version of the installed Security Management Server must be R80.40 or higher.

  • The Security Management Server and target Security Gateways must be able to connect to the Check Point cloud.

  • The administrator has the Manage Licenses and Packages permissions.

  • The latest deployment agent is installed on the targets.

  • SIC is already established for the target Security Gateways.

  • A policy is installed on the target Security Gateways.

  • To upgrade a configured ClusterXL, the Cluster object must be selected.


Only recommended and on-going Jumbo Hotfix Accumulators Takes made available in the Check Point update servers are supported.

If SmartConsole and the Security Management Server are connected through a proxy server, the GUI for this feature is not supported. In this case, use the applicable API command.

The following are not supported with Hotfix Central Deployment:

  • ClusterXL in Load Sharing mode and VRRP Clusters.

  • VSX.

  • Using Central Deployment from:
    • A Global Domain or in the Multi-Domain Server context.

    • A Standalone server.

    • Standby Multi-Domain Security Management and Security Management Server.

Installing the Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator