Supported Upgrade Paths

CPUSE is the recommended installation and upgrade method supported for this release. To learn more about CPUSE, see sk92449.

R80.40 Security Management Server and Multi-Domain Server supports Linux 3.10 kernel and the xfs file system providing support for improved system capabilities and performance, such as an enlarged system storage, improved I/O operations, better debugging tools and more.

When you perform a Clean Install, or Advanced Upgrade to R80.40 from versions prior to R80.20, it uses the xfs file system.

After an in-place upgrade (using CPUSE), the file system remains ext3 except for Smart-1 525, 5050, 5150 appliances, which use the xfs file system.

Use the below methods to upgrade your Check Point environment to R80.40.

Upgrade to R80.40 is available from the following versions: R76, R77.x, EP6.0/EP6.1/EP6.2, R77.30.01, R77.30.02, R77.30.03, R77.30 EP6.5, R80, R80.10, R80.20.M1, R80.20, R80.20.M2, R80.20 3.10, R80.30, and R80.30 3.10

Note - To upgrade from R75.x versions to R80.40 first upgrade to R77.30

Check Point Product

Supported Methods

Security Gateway


Security Management Server

Multi-Domain Server

CloudGuard Controller

Endpoint Security

CPUSE Upgrade


CPUSE Clean Install


Advanced Upgrade (Security Management Server only)

The minimum required unpartitioned disk space is the highest value of one of these:

  • Size of the current root partition.

  • The used space in the current root partition plus 3 GB.

  • If the used space is more than 90% of the root partition, then 110% of the size of the current root partition.

Important - At least 10 GB of free disk space is required in the /var/log/ partition for a Clean Install or Upgrade to succeed

Build Numbers

Software Component

Build Number

Verifying Build Number


OS build 294

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Security Gateway

This is Check Point's software version R80.40 - Build 685

fw ver

Security Management Server

This is Check Point Security Management Server R80.40 Build 150

fwm ver

Multi-Domain Server

This is Check Point Multi-Domain Server R80.40 Build 176

fwm mds ver


Version: R80.40

Build: SmartConsole 994000394

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