Deploying Endpoint Security Clients

This chapter contains information and procedures for deploying Endpoint Security clients to endpoint computers.

Before deploying the clients, you must add packages to the Repository on the Endpoint Security Management Server. See Uploading Client Packages to the Repository

  • For clients on Windows, you can use one of these deployment strategies:

    • Automatic (recommended) - Use Deployment rules to automatically download and install pre-configured packages on endpoint computers. Define deployment rules and manage deployments using SmartEndpoint. See the status of all deployments in the Reporting tab. See Automatic Deployment Using Deployment Rules

    • Manual - Export component packages from the Endpoint Security Management Server to endpoint clients using third party deployment software, a shared network path, email or other method. You can only see the deployment status after the package is successfully installed. See Manual Deployment Using Packages for Export.

  • For clients on Mac, see Deploying Mac Clients.