CloudGuard IaaS for NSX-T Security Gateway

Check Point CloudGuard for VMware NSX-T delivers multi-layered defense to protect East-West traffic within the VMware-deployed Data Center. CloudGuard transparently enforces security at the hypervisor level and between Virtual Machines. It automatically quarantines infected Virtual Machines for remediation, and provides comprehensive visibility into Virtual Network traffic trends and threats.

CloudGuard Gateway for NSX-T is automatically deployed as a service Virtual Machine in the VMware virtual environment. It fully integrates with VMware NSX components. The CloudGuard Gateway secures Data Center traffic between Virtual Machines across the Virtual Network.

What's New

  • NSX-T Manager 2.4.x support

  • R80.30 Management CloudGuard Service Bundle

  • Service Chaining

    • R80.30 with kernel 3.10 Security Gateway

    • vMotion does not change the traffic inspection path

  • North-South Insertion on the Edge

    • R80.10 Security Gateway

  • Support for CloudGuard Central Licensing

  • Support for HTTPS Inspection in R80.30 CloudGuard for NSX-T (Take 195) - Upgrade package

  • Support for NSX-T Manager 2.5 and 3.0

Supported Upgrade Paths

You cannot upgrade from older versions of CloudGuard for NSX-V and NSX-T.

Security Management Server Requirements

To register a CloudGuard Service Registration, a dedicated Hotfix should be installed on the Management Server. See sk139213.

Known Limitations

Before you install CloudGuard, see sk157915 for the complete list of Known Limitations.