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Configuring the Read Action

The Read Action defines the default settings for read access to files on storage devices. For each action, you can define different settings for specified device types.

The default predefined actions are:



Allow reading any data from storage devices

Allow users to read encrypted and non-encrypted data from storage devices.

Allow reading only encrypted data from devices

Allow users to read only encrypted data from storage devices. Users cannot read unencrypted (Non-Business related) data.

Do not allow reading from any storage device

Block reading from all storage devices.

You can also create your own custom actions. Your new custom actions are always available in addition to the default actions.

To configure a Read Action:

  1. Right-click a Read Access action in a rule and select Edit Properties.
  2. Optional: In the Removable Media Read Access window, select a different action or click New.

    If you click New, enter a name and description for the new action.

  3. Enable these options as necessary:
    • Allow reading unencrypted data from storage devices - Users can read unencrypted (typically Non-Business Related) data.
    • Allow reading encrypted data from storage devices - Users can read encrypted (typically, but not always, Business Related data).
  4. Add or change Settings for Specified Devices.