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The mds_backup backs up binaries and data from a Multi-Domain Server to a user specified working directory. You then copy the backup files from the working directory to external storage. This command requires Multi-Domain Superuser privileges.

The mds_backup runs the gtar and dump commands to back up all databases. The collected information is stored in one *.tgz file. The file name is a combination of the backup date and time and is saved in the current working directory. For example: 13Sep2015-141437.mdsbk.tgz

To back up a Multi-Domain Server:

  1. Run the mds_backup command from a location outside the product directory tree to be backed up. This becomes the working directory.
  2. After the backup completes, copy the backup *.tgz file, together with the mds_restore, gtar and gzip binary files, to your external backup location.

Important - Backing up and restoring in Management High Availability environment:

For more information:


mds_backup -h

mds_backup [-g -b [-d <target_directory>] -s [-v] [-l]]





Shows help text.


Executes without prompting to disconnect GUI clients.


Batch mode - executes without asking anything (-g is implied).

-d <target_directory>

Specifies the output directory.

If not specified explicitly, the backup file is saved to the current directory.

You cannot save the backup file to the root directory.


Stop Multi-Domain processes before the backup starts.


"Dry run" - Show all files to be backed up, but does not perform the backup operation.


Exclude logs from the backup.