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Prerequisites for Upgrading the Mobile Access Software Blade Configuration

Important - If you use the Mobile Access Software Blade and you have customized configuration, review the customized settings before you upgrade to R80.20. Do not copy the existing files, because the default files change between the versions. After the upgrade, make the applicable changes to the new files.






Open these files on the Management Server and write down all custom changes in the applicable files:


  • Mobile Access configuration:



  • Apache configuration:




  • Local certificates:



  • DynamicID - SMS OTP - Local Phone List:



  • RSA configuration:



  • Mobile Access Portal configuration (run these commands in Expert mode to see the applicable files):
    • # find $CVPNDIR/ -name *.php -type f -exec ls {} \;
    • # find $CVPNDIR/ -name *.gif -type f -exec ls {} \;
    • # find $CVPNDIR/ -name *.jpg -type f -exec ls {} \;


Upgrade the Management Server to R80.20 using one of the supported methods.


Update the Mobile Access Endpoint Compliance:

  1. In SmartConsole, from the left navigation panel, click Security Policies.
  2. In the Shared Policies section, click Mobile Access > Open Mobile Access Policy in SmartDashboard.
  3. In SmartDashboard, click Mobile Access tab > open Endpoint Security On Demand > click Endpoint Compliance Updates > click Update Databases Now.
  4. Close SmartDashboard.


Manually edit the default files on the upgraded the Management Server to include your custom changes.