Introduction to R81 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator

A Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator is a software package that contains:

  • Stability and quality fixes that resolve multiple issues in different products.

  • Enhancements and new features.


Supported Products and Configurations

The Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator supports these products and configurations: Security Gateway, ClusterXL, VSX, Standalone, Security Management Server, Log Server, Multi-Domain Security Management Server, Multi-Domain Log Server, SmartEvent Server, Endpoint Security Management Server, Endpoint Policy Server, Scalable Platforms (Quantum Maestro and Quantum Scalable Chassis).

  • Install this Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator only after you successfully complete the Gaia First Time Configuration Wizard and reboot.

  • Check Point recommends installing Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator on all devices.

  • For CPUSE installation, use the Recommended Deployment Agent build (refer to sk92449).

  • If you install the Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator on a cluster with enabled Identity Awareness, refer to sk170516 to follow the procedure Check Point recommends after the installation.

  • For Freshly installed Scalable Platforms, first use the R81 ISO image from the R81 for Scalable Platforms Home page and then, before placing the Scalable Platform into the production environment, install the R81 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator.


Additional Resources