Introduction to Quantum IoT Protect

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect secures your network's Internet of Things (IoT) assets from cyber-attacks. Quantum IoT Protect protects only the IoT assets (for example, IP cameras, Smart TVs, Printers and so on) that are discoverable by the Check Point Security Gateway and managed by the Check Point Security Management Server. It connects to the Check Point Security Gateway to discover the IoT assets in your network and uses the Check Point Security Management Server to enforce the security policies for the IoT assets.

Quantum IoT Protect:

  • Automatically discovers IoT assets in your network.

  • Allows you to enforce security policies on the IoT assets.

  • Provides autonomous Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) protection.

How it Works

When you integrate Quantum IoT Protect with your Check Point Quantum Security Gateway, it automatically creates the profiles necessary to discover IoT assets connected to the Security Gateway. During the integration, an agent is installed on the Security Gateway to collect and share the assets’ meta data with Quantum IoT Protect. IoT policies are generated from the Infinity Portal, sent to the Security Management Server and then enforced on the Security Gateway.