Introduction to the Infinity Portal

Check Point Infinity Portal is the Check Point Cloud web-based management platform that hosts the Check Point Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) services.

Supported Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 29 and higher.

  • Google Chrome version 33 and higher.

  • Apple Safari version 7.1 and higher.

  • Opera version 20 and higher.

  • Microsoft Edge version 79.0.309 and higher.

This Administration Guide describes only the hosting platform and the features that are the same for all the Check Point cloud protection services.

Enroll to the Check Point Infinity Portal.

Note - Registration creates your account on the Infinity Portal but does not automatically log you in to any specific security service. In the free 30-day trial version, you can log into the selected SaaS service and perform a limited number of actions. The full functionality of services is available with a purchased software license. For more information about licensing, contact your Check Point Sales representative, or connect to Check Point Infinity Portal.

In the Infinity Portal, you:

  • Get access to the SaaS services and change your user profile settings.

  • Create and see activity reports for each of the Check Point SaaS services.

  • See notifications about the SaaS protection activities on the portal.

  • Update and change the global settings.

  • Get access to recent news and online Help.